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Bravvura identified an opportunity in the grocery industry for brands to take their businesses to the next level online with dynamic marketing strategies, breakthrough user experiences and stunning design.

A Turnkey Solution

The Bravvura team has worked together to distill its years of experience in marketing and technology into a single, powerful platform designed from the ground up for the grocery industry.

Aislend offers exciting new ways and opportunities for your customers to engage with you online. Aislend handles all of your digital needs and presences, letting you focus on your long-term goals and day-to-day responsibilities.

The New Grocery Experience

We developed a customizable branded ecosystem for grocery brands that want to take control of their customers and deliver an unparalleled experience. With rich product descriptions and immersive photography and video in browser, on mobile, and in an app, customers can interact with the brand the way they want and develop stronger connections.

A Truly Integrated Strategy

Bravvura created new opportunities and established touch points for the Aislend platform to reach and engage customers on a deeper level. The platform anticipates user needs and inspires them to try new things while grocery shopping. It extends these aspirations beyond the platform to reach customers where they spend the most time: online, in their inboxes, with social media and on their phones.

Smart Data, Actionable Insights

The Aislend platform automatically learns a customer’s preferences and can tailor offerings based on their behavior. With an incentive based and hassle-free rewards program, brands generate this data and the platform optimizes on the fly to grow cart size and purchase frequency.

Growing Success

We’re already working closely with key partners in the grocery industry to implement the Aislend platform with emerging brands. For the latest on Aislend, visit and subscribe to the newsletter.